Sauce Approaches

Continually seeking the perfect piece Sauce approaches his “graff” art style from a fine arts perspective. Specialising in dynamic abstract lettering, Sauce prolifically works with various content such as cartoon characters, portraits, animals and landscape. Most works are done as onsite murals or large canvasses with aerosol and/or acrylics.

Solid colours are often used to create a crisp image layered on a patterned or splattered background. Works are normally carried out freestyle with only a concept, colour scheme or idea in mind. This spontaneity allows works to evolve and new ideas to be explored, thus not inhibiting creative flow.

All lettering pieces are variations of the same text that reads “Sauce”. Use of various lettering styles and aerosol techniques enable each Sauce piece to have its own unique character.

Living Hip Hop culture is Sauce’s main influence for his artwork. Spending time “out bush” is also a big inspiration translating the outdoors into this traditionally urban style of art and vise-versa. Reading MAD Magazine as a kid also deserves a mention whilst on the topic of influences.

Refusing to be labled, Sauce continually pushes limits and strives to break free from misrepresentations of Hip Hop and graffiti stereotypes.