The history of Sauce

Sauce showed an interest in art from primary school where inspiration came from comics and band logos. This led to a fixation with subway style graffiti art as a teenager. Exchanging sketches with writers from THC (Gold Coast) & BNE (original crew from Sydney) further inspired Sauce to develop lettering forms. Brisbane’s Hype magazine gave exposure to a number of talented of artists within Australia during the early 90`s. Painting bike frames familiarised Sauce with the amazing medium of aerosol and it wasn’t long before he completed his first piece on the shed door in 1994.

Wanting to learn more and improve skills Sauce studied Illustration 1995 and immediately went on to also complete a Certificate in Advanced painting & drawing 1996. With limited employment opportunities in these fields, Sunday afternoons became devoted to finding the best walls (available on a Sunday afternoon) and piecing them with local crew. Authorities were pursuing and several close calls led Sauce to believe it was a stressful way to practice his arts even though he had built a significant reputation amongst Brisbane writers and crews towards the end of the 90`s.

Attending legal graffiti sessions and being mentored by internationally respected writer KSINO, Sauce was inspired to take his art more seriously setting goals to become professional. This proved difficult due to the underground culture of graffiti art and mainstream ideas of urban art in the commercial realm.  Whilst completing an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic, Sauce made contacts with a variety of individuals who encouraged him to further pursue aerosol art connecting him with potential clients seeking his skills. This led to occasional commissions completing murals. A leadership role in a community project was offered and Sauce began the construction of Aerograffix in 2000.

Aerograffix became an excellent platform to harness connections with other artists and community groups. Sauce realised that there was opportunity to make a career in the art industry. This was built as much on communication as it was on art skills due to the uphill battle of canvassing yourself and proving credentials to potential clients.

With experience facilitating groups with participants that were difficult for many youth workers to engage with, Sauce studied a Diploma in Youth Work in 2002/03. Having already had extensive practical experience many employment avenues opened up. Sauce worked with Government and community agencies as a youth worker whilst continuing to build Aerograffix into a full time venture. By delivering professional services and quality artwork, Sauce now operates Aerograffix full-time completing murals, workshops and canvasses for a variety of councils, schools and organisations.

…From little things big things grow!