About Us

About Aerograffix:

Established in 2000 Aerograffix aims to produce high quality artworks in a professional manor whilst promoting Hip Hop as an intelligent and educated culture. Aerograffix workshops teach arts skills in a safe environment and provide positive role models for youths to engage with.

Christian Griffiths (Sauce) Aerograffix owner/operator has over fourteen years experience as an aerosol artist and uses various mediums such as paintbrush for canvas works. He has completed a Certificate in Illustration 1995, and Advanced Certificate in Painting and Drawing 1996. He has exhibited several times locally and internationally.

Seven years experience as a youth worker allows Sauce to engage a variety of young people from recidivist offenders to students of mainstream and alternative schooling providers. Sauce has worked with various government and community agencies to facilitate a range of support, redirection and arts projects. In addition to extensive practical Sauce completed a Diploma of Youth Work in 2003. He has presented as a guest speaker for the University of Queensland in 2005, 2006 & 2008.

Outcomes achieved by Aerograffix:

Positive role modeling/tutoring by facilitators with close connections to popular cultural groups.
Visual enhancement of the environment via the creation of quality artworks.
Reduction of vandalism in targeted areas by involving offenders in arts projects and legal avenues to pursue their work.
Creation of ownership and a sense of achievement for participants involved with community and school murals.
Teaching of skills including arts, communication, social, business and peaceful conflict resolution.
Creation of murals that last for years and are seen by wider community.
Enhancement of participant’s ability to work individually and as a part of a group.
Engagement of at risk young people, hardcore recivitis offenders and young people on court orders in activities resulting in redirection/rehabilitation.
Community based arts projects showcase to the public positive activities involving young people, thus changing community perceptions of young people, use of spraypaint as a medium and aerosol art as an element of hiphop culture.
Teaching and representation of hiphop as a peaceful, creative, skill enhancing culture.
Partnerships developed and enhanced between young people community organizations, businesses, government agencies and each other.
Long term cost effectiveness compared to graffiti removal and other graffiti management alternatives.
Practice of hand eye co-ordination, problem solving and creative thinking during.
Increased cultural awareness through the teaching of Hip Hop history, philosophy and sub-cultural elements.
Establishment of the “Aerosol Artists Alliance” in 2007

Why Use Aerograffix?

High standard of experience and qualifications.
Quality of artwork produced and projects facilitated.
Extensive network of artists, break-dancers, MC`s, beat boxers and DJ`s to cater for workshops and events.
Current public liability insurance cover.
All team members hold a blue card for child related employment (issued by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian).
Current risk management strategy and risk analysis.
Care for safety i.e.: demonstration of proper use of equipment, use of masks, hi visibility gear, signage where applicable.
Professional, reliable and friendly service.
Passion for the arts and hiphop.
Excellent reputation.