Mural Art Services

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Murals are an effective and inexpensive way to add character and color to your business. Professionally painted murals can create lasting memories for you and your customers. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider adding new art or painting murals to the walls of your establishment if you want your business to have a new look and stand out from the competition. If you are looking for professional murals and graffiti artists in the Melbourne area.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of dedicated artists, specializing in mural and graffiti art for many years. We can paint anything and everything and we have an impressive portfolio of high quality art work. Because of our commitment to high quality work and client satisfaction, we are well known as a provider for creative and stunning mural arts in the Melbourne area. With our attention to details and years of skills and knowledge in the graffiti work, we are able to approach any project meticulously. We can produce unique and creative artworks on any sized surface for any theme or layout required.


The graffiti art form is becoming very popular as an interesting and colorful way to liven up the mood of any venue. We specialize in painting murals for any type of business establishment including cafes, restaurants, health clubs, bars, as well as events organizing companies.

We will help you pick the best style

With our professional consultation service, we will help you determine the graffiti style that is best suitable for your business requirements and will have maximum impact for your project. We can also help you paint your corporate logo in a unique, creative style that will make your clients see your brand in a new light.

Customizable Services

Our team of talented graffiti artists can set the right tone with the decor of your property and transform your space with a custom mural. We customize our services to suit our clients’ specific needs and budget.

Event Graffiti Specialists

We can liven up your event environment by applying layers of shapes and colors to the walls of your event space with stunning murals. Our high quality and professionally designed graffiti and murals will surely attract all your guests and will work as great backdrops for pictures posted to social media. Our knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced mural artists can make it something that your guests will never forget.

Our Services

We specialize in the following services:

  • Graphic design
  • Graffiti workshops
  • Illustration
  • Bedroom murals
  • Interior murals
  • Exterior murals
  • Promotional event murals
  • School murals and lessons
  • Portraits
  • Weddings, occasion artworks
  • Canvas paintings
  • Art installations
  • Regeneration and heritage murals
  • Theatre and set art
  • And much more!

Sauce Approaches

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Continually seeking the perfect piece Sauce approaches his “graff” art style from a fine arts perspective. Specialising in dynamic abstract lettering, Sauce prolifically works with various content such as cartoon characters, portraits, animals and landscape. Most works are done as onsite murals or large canvasses with aerosol and/or acrylics.

Solid colours are often used to create a crisp image layered on a patterned or splattered background. Works are normally carried out freestyle with only a concept, colour scheme or idea in mind. This spontaneity allows works to evolve and new ideas to be explored, thus not inhibiting creative flow.

All lettering pieces are variations of the same text that reads “Sauce”. Use of various lettering styles and aerosol techniques enable each Sauce piece to have its own unique character.

Living Hip Hop culture is Sauce’s main influence for his artwork. Spending time “out bush” is also a big inspiration translating the outdoors into this traditionally urban style of art and vise-versa. Reading MAD Magazine as a kid also deserves a mention whilst on the topic of influences.

Refusing to be labled, Sauce continually pushes limits and strives to break free from misrepresentations of Hip Hop and graffiti stereotypes.



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  • 1st & 2nd place & best letter form award, King of Canvas aerosol art competition 2008.
  • Solo and group exhibitions in Brisbane (Its begun, Beneath the Remains, “X”, Graffic, Café Serenity, Green bean), Gold coast (untitled) and Port Noarlunga, South Australia (King of Canvas).
  • Canvas sales to French and United States collectors.
  • Guest speaker at University of Queensland (Presentation of Youth In Context 2005, 2006 & 2008).
  • Artwork featured and interviews for television (Totally Wild & Extra), print (Uncomissioned Art A-Z of Australian graffiti, While you were sleeping magazine, Illegal Fame Magazine, Lowdown Magazine, Dominos Slice magazine), online (ABCs Catapult, Artzmania, Lafamiglia USA), radio (Triple J & ABC radio national) and several student DVD and film projects.
  • Sponsor of The Freshest Sketch competition 2007.
  • Envited member of various community & arts committees (Regional Arts Development Fund Redlands, Boystown Mentor One, Bedlam skatepark events & Plaza Advisory Crew).
  • Redland Shire Council Art Gallery volunteer 2003-04.
  • Designs for several Australian fashion labels & companies (Phunksta, Handmade Productions, Phatkidz, Gangstagraffix, Pop n Lock Fashions, Inala touch, TAG, Sauce Street-wear and Carrot skateboards Serbia.
  • Murals for clients such as Dreamworld, Crazy Clarks, Lifeline, Dominos, Four Square & PCYC.
  • Facilitator for projects such as Burning Art, Control ALT Delete, Art on Tag Off, Skill N Style, Momentum, Graffic, Party in the Park, Re Create, Sports in the Hood, Mercury & SMART.
  • Murals & workshops in over 80 towns/suburbs across Queensland and New South Wales.
  • Certificate in Illustration (Gateway institute of TAFE 1995).

Advanced Certificate in Painting & Drawing (Morningside institute of TAFE 1996).


Professional Mural Artists

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Professionally painted graffiti and murals can add interest and create depth to any business. Wall murals are well known by the public as they are found in interior or exteriors of many establishments. Many businesses hire professional spray-can artists to create a ‘street like’ appearance in order to attract the younger audience. Painting murals to attract clients can be a quick and inexpensive way to give any business a face lift. If you are looking for talented artists for a quality graffiti project, you have come to the right place! We will cover all your murals and graffiti artwork needs.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of talented graffiti artists with years of experience working mainly with spray paint. We specialize in graffiti art workshops, set design, interactive art, residential and commercial murals, live art for events, corporate office murals, etc. Our past projects include everything from live events to corporate offices. With 24/7 availability, we complete all our projects within the required deadline. No job is too small or big for us.

We can create high quality public art as well as client specific commissions such as teepee design, interior and exterior murals, logo design, sculptures, paintings on canvas, etc. Whatever your family, organization, or company is looking to achieve through art, we will help you achieve it.

Our Services

We specialize in offering the following services:

Workplace Murals

Adding a mural in the workplace can have many benefits. It can liven up the dull room environment, or become a motivational thing that improves the mood of workers. From cafes and restaurants to small shops, domestic properties, industrial units, and large corporate offices, we have painted murals in virtually any type of location.

Nature Themed Artwork



We have painted nature themed artwork in all kinds of places. Nature based murals are quite popular. If you have a beautiful park or a small garden that’s being ruined by an unpleasant wall, then contact us and we will discuss some creative ideas with you!

Exterior Murals

We specialize in exterior murals. Mostly business establishments located within the city commission this, however exterior murals can also work well at a nature reserve. We have worked on some pretty massive walls in the past and we are capable of professionally managing a project from start to finish.

Mural Art for Homes

Whether it’s a New York City scene for the living room, a wildlife mural for the kitchen, or a forest fantasy theme in your daughter’s bedroom, We can help you. We can customize the style or design of any mural for your personal requirements. We have painted murals in rooms of all sizes and shapes.

Promotional Campaigns

Murals play a great part in promotional campaigns. They bring attention during promotions and events. Many types of businesses such as clothing companies, beverage brands, insurance companies, launch nights and parties, etc. have hired us for live art and murals in the past.